Virtual CTO

UBT provides assessments designed to provide executives the ability to come to a consensus on technology investments. In particular, organizations that must balance the concerns of executives, department heads, board members, and other stakeholders are obligated to provide a transparent process for successful decision-making.

Interview Your People
Our experience shows that in order to have a successful implementation, you must start by talking to the key leadership people.  Without the feedback and buy in of all of the leadership team, any change project is doomed.  Also, it is a great time to for us to sit back and listen to understand the culture and mission of the organization.

Evaluate Your Assets
UBT will install monitoring tools to develop reports on the inventory and performance of the network; physically investigate the configurations of the servers and typical workstations; interview key IT team members; and provide recommendations for improving the effective use of technology in the business.

As part of the asset discovery, we also investigate

  • Security policies and procedures
  • Backup and business continuity
  • Integration of technology policies with human resources
  • Detailed analysis of technology investment and spending
  • Design or procurement of future systems

Plan Your Strategy
Based on our interviews and assessments, we facilitate the development of an overall IT strategy.  We have a proven process for aligning your business goals with your investment in technology.

Design Your Solution
Based on your business objectives, UBT will develop options for the hardware and software needed.

Implement Your Solution
The implementation phase of the project is critical because it has the potential to disrupt the critical mission of the organization.  At UBT we understand that business continuity is the most important requirement in a whole sale technology refresh.  Also, our project managers understand that implementation is an exercise in change management.  Our goal is to minimize the impact on the organization.

Also, our goal is to complete your projects on time and on budget.

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