Proactive IT Support

UBT is a technology company that focuses 100% of its time and energy on developing, maintaining, and supporting computer network systems for growing businesses. UBT’s technical, support, and customer service team members have distinguished themselves by working for leading technology companies and service organizations acquiring vast experience with, and on, a wide range of complex, mission-critical and high-volume information systems platforms and rollouts for high profile organizations.

24×7 Performance Monitoring, Alerting, and Reporting

Continuous monitoring of selected devices and applications alerts us (UBT) to impending problems and allows for thorough analysis of issues. The benefits of this system are numerous including avoiding many disruptive incidents, the reduction of remediation times, and building of data for trending and analysis.


Available as a Software as a Service, our monitoring solution provides the complete, integrated toolset for delivering a full range of IT services remotely across a distributed infrastructure – all managed from a single console.


Our comprehensive system can provide a multitude of account reports, some of which include uptime, common network issues, backup, data trends and many more. Through each individual customer service portal, clients are able to run their own reports on service requests per employee, hours used, project updates and contract management.

Workstation and Mobile Device Management and Security
UBT uses a multi-tiered approach to workstation and mobile device management to reduce overall risk and costs at the same time. As mentioned in previous sections, each workstation will have an installation of our N-central endpoint monitoring software for remote management and administration.

N-central is the industry’s top-performing remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform and is deployed worldwide by thousands of MSPs and IT service organizations to dramatically lower the costs of managing hundreds of thousands of IP-enabled devices.
Boasting a unique hybrid licensing model that eliminates the barriers to deploying RMM, N-central provides the most advanced and affordable solution for delivering IT services remotely.

On top of its #1-rated RMM toolset with integrated endpoint security, self-healing and reporting, N-central features many new enhancements that include an all-new patch management, endpoint security support for Microsoft Exchange, and optional remote backup and recovery.

  • Efficiently and easily automate many IT services and routine tasks
  • Proactively and effectively deliver services to customers and end-users in a cost- and time-optimized way
  • Report on the performance of your IT services with unmatched ease and detail
  • Leverage unrivaled functionality to monitor the availability and performance of devices with rules-based notifications that are always received by the right person at the right time

Account Management
UBT has a dedicated team for each customer—help desk, senior account engineer, and our director of IT services.

  • Access via phone and e-mail
  • Triage issues based on degree of business impact
  • Guaranteed response times
  • Escalation to senior engineer (Tier 2, 3, 4) based on complexity
  • Personal contact assigned to manage your account
  • Quarterly reviews at your request

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