Private Clouds

With our experience in virtual server migrations, we can provide all the services necessary to migrate your servers into a private cloud in a world class data center. UBT can develop a custom cloud solution that’s tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

We collect extensive data collected to determine each server’s utilization of CPU, memory, disk, and more. We also meet with application owners and developers to uncover workload dependencies, power consumption and other details very few organizations ever track themselves.

Our experts thoroughly analyze the data collected in Stage 1. Our models assess your power costs, hardware refresh costs, and many other key factors to calculate the return on investment for your cloud implementation.

Based on the analysis completed in Stage 2, a detailed workload mapping from physical to virtual, storage, switching, security and more is determined. This includes which type of cloud – public, private, or hybrid – will best address your workload needs.

Our analysis and recommendations are compiled in a report and presented to your team. We then help you define a plan to make your transition to the Cloud easy and effective.

Once your decision is made, we develop a comprehensive plan for migration of your infrastructure to the best solution possible.

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